Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC Day 3 & 4: Paisley Slippers

I have begun to lose a little steam. I am averaging a garment a day, but technically these slippers took me two days. Day three was a little busy with my husband out of town this week I hosted dinner guests solo. Somehow between tucking the kids into bed, doing a sky high stack of dishes, and falling over exhausted, I managed to pick out the project and fabrics.

Chiara outgrew her slippers from last year and now that the cold weather has arrived, the hardwoods and tile are a might chilly. I was originally going to make some fuzzy, felted wool slippers from an old sweater, but it just did not have the "girly girl" look my daughter loves. The day before I noticed a pattern for slippers in the Ottobre I was working on from my son's Vroom! Vroom! PJs, and selected some suitably girly fabric.

I did not have the required "fusible volume fleece" so I substituted stretch terry I had on hand. I added fusible webbing to attach two layers to the foot pad and then lined the top with the fleece. I anticipate tossing these in the wash on a regular basis, so I added quilting to the top as well to help prevent shifting.

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