Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Fabric Covered Padded Clothes Hanger Pattern & Instructions

Another week of laundry, another week short on covered hangers. I decided to do some more stash cleaning and make a few. I have lots of flannel left from an unfinished crib skirt and I thought the flannel would add surface friction and prevent slipping.

The pattern is a .pdf file. Make sure that you check your print settings; the page scaling should be set to 'none.'

I started by tracing the triangular plastic hanger (Ruffies brand) and I added a 1/2 inch seam allowance to side portions and 1 1/2 inches to the bottom. For each hanger I cut out two cover pieces from the cover fabric and two pieces of batting. (I used polyester batting because I often use my covered hangers for air drying clothing and I didn't want to use a batting that would be absorbant, but normally I prefer cotton batting.) If you prefer to have the inside of the cover lined, cut two additional lining fabric pieces.

Cut 1 - 1 1/2 inch strips from the batting scraps and wrap the two short legs of the hanger. If you are using polyester batting there's no need to stitch in place. If you use cotton batting you will need to add a few stitches to secure the ends in place.

If you are using the pattern I made, you will notice that there are two 'start stitch' marks. The plastic hangers I used had the hook slightly set to one side, for balance I assume. To make sure the opening for the hook was positioned correctly, I started stitching at different spots.

Stitch the cover fabric, right sides together, from the stitch marks to the bottom corner, leaving the entire bottom open. Do the same for the batting. If you are lining the inside, stitch with right sides together sandwiched between the two layers of batting.
Finishing Option 1: Open bottom for removal and washing

Turn the batting right side out and tuck inside the cover fabric so that right sides are facing. Make sure that the hanger notches line up with one another. Stitch on the line that says 'fold under' leaving 3 inches open to flip inside out. Turn inside out and topstitch
Finishing Option 2: Closed bottom
Iron the long edge of the cover fabric back 1/4" or on the 'fold under' line. Turn the cover fabric right side out and tuck the batting inside the cover fabric so that the wrong sides are facing. Make sure that the hanger notches line up with one another. Neatly tuck extra batting in and whip stitch bottom of cover closed.

Your done!

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  1. I just did this off of your tutorial. It turned out awesome! Thank you for showing me how to do it :D