Friday, August 13, 2010

5 yards of Bias Tape from a Single Fat Quarter!!!

Calico Cat 1940's Apron Pattern
I just stumbled upon an amazing tutorial  (great photos!) from Jona Giammalva owner of I can't wait for my next bias strip project. I always hate stitching together strip after strip of fabric. This technique you only need to join the fabric twice, then just cut one long strip! I could have used this technique on the aprons above...would have saved me a ton of time and fabric waste. Maybe I'll finally make the coordinating woman's apron.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Upcycle Project: Organizer for Hair Accessories

The gallon Ziplock bag that had served as my daughter's hair accessory container was a disaster. I poked around online, in shops, and blogs looking for a better alternative. I liked the french bulletin board style, but that was still going to leave a lot of unorganized accessories. Thank you Goodwill! I was browsing through our local Goodwill when I came across this Pottery Barn wall organizer and decided it was perfect for the job. After scrounging through the house I found enough materials on hand to please by daugher's champagne taste on my beer budget. The whole thing cost me $3.99!