Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cowboy & Cowgirl Dress-Ups or Costumes

Despite my cultural concerns as a history teacher and my concerns for the environment, I appreciate the romantic aspects of frontier life - the self-reliance, the do-now spirit, the sense of adventure. So I jumped at the opportunity to try out Made's Frontier Vest.

For Battle of the Sexes, the high school I taught at and my kids attended preschool, had a Toy Story theme. So I decided to make a Woody-esque version of the vest for Xavier and draft girly one for Chiara.

I did not have any felt on hand so I substituted Alova suedecloth from my stash. I picked up trim from my local fabric store.

Dana over at Made has an excellent tutorial for her Frontier Vest pattern. If I have any requests, I'll scan the pattern for Chiara's vest and include a tutorial. As long as you use a non-fraying fabric like felt or suedecloth binding or finishing is unnecessary. I chose to sew on the extra frills, but hot glue would work just as well if it was for a one time use.

Then you can have plenty blissful sibling moments like this one:


  1. So cute!!!! And ha ha, on the sibling bliss. Looks fabulous! I could use more of that around here some days!

  2. This is great one to see your blog last time I see same design to my friend Engagement party in chennai. Majorly used Aluminium scaffolding equipment used for light setting up to all trees edges. Really very gud looking.