Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I-Cord Project: Flower Bracelet

My daughter absolutely loves the Bond Embellish-Knit! I bought to make cords for my wool soakers. She's made yards and yards of I-cord, but mostly it sits wound in balls or wrapped around her dolls like fuzzy little boa constrictors. One day when we got tired of beading bracelets, I decided to try something new - an I-cord bracelet. So easy!

The flower:
1. Cut/create a length of I-cord.
2. Tie off ends, but leave, long 6-10" tails on both ends.
3. Mark 5 equal sections (or whatever # of petals you prefer).
4. Thread one of the tails onto a yarn needle. Catch a loop of yarn at each of the section points you marked.
5. Pull the tail tight until the petals form. Use the other tail to tie a knot.
6. Select a button and attach using one or both of the tails. Do not cut tails yet!

The bracelet:
1. Cut/create a length of I-cord to fit wrist, but make sure it has enough stretch to slide on and off.
2. Tie off ends.
3. Use the tails to tie ends to one another, then use a yarn needle to hide the threads within the I-cord tube. The bracelet should look like a snake eating it's tail and there should be no visible tails.
4. Place your flower upside down on the work space so the good side is down and the two tails are up.
5. Set the bracelet center (where the snake is eating it's tail) on the center of your flower.
6. Use the tails on the back of the flower to tie the flower to the bracelet.
7. Again, use a yarn needle to hide the threads within the I-cord.

Your Done! Wear with pride & send in your pictures!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Angie's Free Diaper Patterns is up and running!

I can't believe it took me so long to sit down and do it, but I finally got my diaper pattern in a format for sharing online. I didn't want this blog to be overrun with diaper sewing and reviews, so I started a separate page just for diaper sewing. The page is functional, but not pretty. I'll get to that...eventually. LOL! Instructions and tutorials are still coming. :-)