Saturday, April 10, 2010

How I Made My Own Tailor's Ham In Under An Hour

I've been wanting a tailor's ham for about a year now, but the cheap one's I saw at Joann's seemed a little small and I questioned how well they were made. This morning I finally got around to looking at how they were made and it turned out I already had everything I needed! There are a number of how-to directions online, I went with the directions from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension's Make Your Own Pressing Equipement. They recommend woven wool on one side and unbleached cotton on the problem, I had a scarf from Scotland that my husband had shrunk and yards of muslin. For stuffing it said to use wool and for half a moment my heart sank until I realized that I've saved every scrap of wool leftover from making longies for my kids. My daughter who is obsessed with practicing her new cutting skills helped me chop up two giant mixing bowls of sweater scraps. In under an hour I had a perfect tailor's ham and a slightly less cluttered sewing room. :-)


  1. Update: The ham is on the large size. I think I will try again with a slightly smaller pattern. I'll keep this one around, I'm sure it will come in useful.

  2. I've been searching for a helpful pattern for the Tailor's ham. Thanks for posting Angie.