Monday, April 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013

Kids Clothes Week falls right when I have convinced myself it is time to start sewing for myself. In the last year I have made countless items for the kids, home and gifts; but nothing for myself. So while in past seasons my aim has been a garment a day, I'm only committing the single hour each day to making an item for the kids.

First up, my daughter's choice:

She found a print on our last trip through the fabric store and insisted it was perfect and I picked up a small amount thinking I might make a simple elastic skirt. I had been inspired to try the Boardwalk Skirt by Andrea Pannell of The Train to Crazy.

Boardwalk Skirt and Carousel Top #sewing #pattern

When I sat down to look at the pattern (Go To Patterns) I started thinking about my daughter's tendency to sag her waistband in an oh-so-unattractive-fashion. Browsing the through Andrea's other patterns, I really liked the keyhole detail on her Carousal Top too. I decided to attempt some of the cute design features of both pieces in a simple, easy dress that could not be sagged.

I have gathered my materials, and am excited for my evening of sewing. I hope there will be something worth photographing for you in the morning.

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