Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Day 1 - Rule #1 Never Sew after 10pm

In my first hour of work, everything went perfectly. I was so pleased with how nicely the seams unpicked and that I had enough extra fabric to create bubble sleeves, that I decided to set aside grading the shirt pattern for myself and keep working on the Kids Clothes Week project.

Bad idea! I hand basted the wrong sides together and had to rip that out, but not before I had already serged one of them. Argh! Then I serged the left sleeve onto the right shoulder and had to rip that out. Grrr. After ripping that out I called it a night.

Looking at it this morning, by the beautiful spring sunshine, filtered through the blossoms of the pear tree, I'm feeling optimistic once again. It's going to take real restraint not pick it up and finish it before the kids get home from school.

Are you following Kids Clothes Week? I love checking out all the pictures in the Flickr pool. I've been on the lookout for a project for my son and Shantel Jones at Sew Boy had some awesome boys shorts upcycled from a men's shirt. I think I just may have found my next KCW project.

Shirt to Shorts by Sew Boy
I'm excited to stumble across her blog. She has a wealth of resources on sewing for boys. It was a no brainer adding her to my reading list. 

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