Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craft It Forward Epilogue

I joined the 2011 Craft It Forward party a little late. You may remember my earlier post Craft It Forward 2011. Well, the blog I responded to only had two participants, and I only had one; rather a fizzle after the bang that got the party started. I think the overlap with the holiday festivities was a little more than most felt like taking on . . . and probably something I should have considered as well.

Celina from petit á petit and family made both of my kids cute embroidered pillows. Both from recycled materials (yay!) she made a Dala Horse for Chiara:
Photo from petit á petit and family
and for Xavier a plush Race Car:
Photo from petit á petit and family

My Craft It Forward gift went to Jen from Jenny Reb's GemsFortunately Jen is a patient soul because my first package never arrived. Thank the craziness that surrounded my 2010-2011 transition for never photographing the first item, a simple little handbag for her niece with brown twill exterior lined with a delicate purple flower calico and matching exterior pocket. The make-up item had to be special, so when she asked for something for a baby girl, I thought of the adorable bib Charlotte Lyons designed for the Souleful Mothering Series on Amanda Blake Soule's Soule Mama blog.

Photo from Soule Mama, Charlotte Lyons' bib for Soule Mama
My Version of Charlotte Lyons' bib
I wish that I had visited my local fabric stores before I embroidered the image, because I was unable to find a coordinating ric-rac trim or ribbon. After a week of no luck, I decided a plan B needed to evolve. I gave up on the adorable trims and did a simple top stitch edging, and I lengthened the circumference of the neck strap to accommodate a button closure. The final product was not as cute as I had hoped, but an acceptable alternative. I rather like the simplicity of the ivory linen and clean button closure.

Want to see what others are making this week? Check out these linky parties:


  1. That bib is just gorgeous! I love the embroidery. You did a brilliant job!

  2. They are all gorgeous!! I do not have time for my blog right now but would love to be part of the craft it forward if you do it again.
    Hope you are doing well, you have been on my mind and I am happy to see you in the blogging world again. Your kiddos are cuties, and that bib is amazing.